3 Best Weed Strains to Change Your Day

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3 Best Weed Strains to Change Your Day Have you ever tried a weed strain that completely changed your day for the better? Check out whats our best weed strains we have that can make your day awesome!     What is Early Lemon Berry? Early Lemon Berry is a sativa strain bred by the team […]

What is good rosin and should I use rosin?

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What is rosin? Rosin is a cannabis concentrate that is solvent less rosin is not made with any solvents or chemicals. Using only heat and pressure to extract the cannabis compounds from the flower, hash, or kief, rosin is considered a cleaner and more natural concentrate or extract, but it’ll cost you: Rosin is typically […]

Get Edibles Same-Day Delivery In Toronto From The Bakery Cannabis Dispensary

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No Time To Wait? Order Edibles Delivery In Toronto With Same-day Delivery With cannabis products becoming more popular and accessible in Ontario, you may find yourself wondering, where can I get edibles delivery in Toronto? While smoking cannabis is still the preferred method of consuming weed for many, edibles offer an alternative for anyone who […]

4 Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best Weed Shop Near You

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Best Weed Shop Near Me: 4 Important Tips To Consider When Choosing a Dispensary Just a little over three years since cannabis was made legal in Canada, dispensaries are popping up like mushrooms. According to the Ontario Cannabis Store, Ontario now has over 1000 legal weed shops! Different pot stores have different vibes, cultures, experiences, and […]