Cookies Laughing Gas 3.5G Flower and 1G Pre-roll

Cookies Laughing Gas Pre-roll and 3.5g flower

Laughing Gas by TKO Reserve is a fuel-forward cross of Sour Diesel and Cherry Pie. This pungent pair creates a strain that emits a powerful fuel aroma intermixed with notes of  grass, pine, and a distant sweetness. The dense, knobby buds offer consumers stimulating, happy, and creative effects that can help diminish depression and initiate activity.  

This bud smells like gas with a hint of sweet citrus. Effects are active, talkative and very focused. Good early morning smoking weed strain or good in a social situation.


Laughing Gas is a pungent sativa-dominant strain that emits a powerful aroma with notes of grass, pine and a distant sweetness. Laughing Gas carries a distinct earthy yet floral flavour and can be identified by its dense purple and orange buds with a thick layer of frosty trichomes.


You can order Cookies Laughing Gas for Weed Delivery Near Me In Toronto in either 3.5g or in a 1g preroll.