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Our Cannabis Dispensary offers a FREE Rosin Pressing Service as well as a FREE Pre-Rolling Service!

Our cannabis dispensary is located in The Junction of Toronto offers a free rosin pressing service and a free pre-roll rolling service. If you would like to book a pressing appointment you can book it online with the rosin pressing or pre-roll pick up form below.

Best cannabis dispensary toronto with rosin pressing and fast weed delivery

Best cannabis dispensary Toronto with rosin pressing and fast weed delivery


You would have to purchase the cannabis flower online from our cannabis dispensary prior to booking an appointment.

If you would like us to roll the flower you purchase please leave a message in the order notes or in the form below after checking out. You can Choose which weed strain or cannabis flower you would like pressed or rolled  on our menu SHOP HERE

Thank You for getting baked with us.
By booking a appointment with us for our services you understand the following disclaimer. We can’t guarentee the quality or the quantity of output when pressing. Some flower produces more or higher quality cannabis concentrates than others and it can vary between batches as well. In our experience however we usually see a 15%-20% return, that means if we were to press a ounce of flower we would typically get between around 4-5 grams of rosin. If you would like to learn more about rosin and how it is made from cannabis flower check out this article

 What is Rosin?

Rosin is a cannabis extract that can be created using heat, pressure and solvents.

Recently cannabis extracts has started to gain popularity as a solvent-less extraction method for making concentrates from cannabis.

The process of extracting concentrates from cannabis is similar to the process of extracting hash oil from marijuana plants. A thermometer is used to monitor the temperature of a heated surface and then it’s dipped into solvent-less cannabis material. Then once the heat is removed, pressure will do the rest of the work by converting this extract into an oily liquid that looks like resin or honey called rosin.

What is rosin made from?

It can be made out of a variety of types of cannabis, including:

  • Weed Nugs or Cannabis flower
  • Weed Trim
  • CannabisKief
  • Hash or Hashish

The higher the quality of the input cannabis material, the higher the quality the weed rosin will be. People who consume rosin or Cannabis extracts are usually looking for great flavor in
their dabs and high potency and will often use cannabis flower or nugs to press it, which is one of the highest quality starting material behind kief.

Hash or kief rosin has a cleaner flavor profile and often gives a more pronounced effect. It offers the highest levels of potency and is less contaminated (with unwanted plant compounds) than flower rosin


There are many ways to use concentrate. The most common way is to apply it on the cannabis flower directly or on a joint and then smoke it. Other ways to use rosin are dabs, vaporizing and even eating it.

The process of pressing rosin is very simple. All you need is heat and pressure. We use a rosin press so the output will be consistent every time. The solvent-less extract is a oil from the plant material of marijuana, which can then be collected in a container for later use.

As we’ve mentioned above, rosin is solvent-less which means there is no chemicals used when making rosin. it is extracted through
heat and pressure, without any chemicals or solvents such as butane or propane. However rosin and resin are made
from dried cannabis.

Relax, enjoy, and get medicated with some pure rosin from the best cannabis extractors in the game. We’ve got everything from Sativa or Indica or Hybrids strains. You can press any strain of cannabis that we have at our dispensary in Toronto. We recommend pressing the Ice Cream Cake Strain as it produces a high quality rosin and produces a great amount of rosin. Take your pick and take a dab of our best fresh rosin today!

Cannabis Dispensary with Rosin Pressing Service located in The Junction Toronto Near High Park Cannabis Store